Confined in an art gallery, these two Rouennais want to "make people laugh"

Lucas and Marin confined themselves to an art gallery on rue Beauvoisine in Rouen.They pitched their camping tent inside, to "create and distribute" art.

You may have seen a mysterious cardboard man walking through the streets of Rouen (Seine-Maritime).Or of course, of drawings with a vibrator.Or even seen, through the window of the Collective gallery opposite , rue Beauvoisine, their camping tent pitched in the middle.

Lucas and Marin are artists and confined, and "because confinement is quite oppressive" they decided to try to "make people laugh" with their art.

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"We are free enough"

Their gallery is Instagram.On their Confinage.galerie account, the two men relay the fruit of their days of production."The idea, explains Lucas, is to distribute art while having fun."To do this, he explains," we have no real limit, we are quite free ..."

So, when they walk around a box of refrigerator packaging on the side of the road, they have fun getting into it, and walking in the street decked out in the said box, to the delight of passers-by, often hilarious.Lucas and Marin want to make people laugh, but also offer art, at a time when galleries and other museums are closed, for health reasons: "Usually, what nourishes us when we are artist, these are exhibitions, cultural outings, concerts etc.», Comments Lucas.And there, confinement obliges, nothing more.

Posted Date: 2020-11-11

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