How to choose your camping tent

Many models of tents exist. They have various qualities to suit your needs: compactness, lightness, space, ease of assembly. As far as budget is concerned, you will have the choice between new or second-hand tents, but in this case it will depend on your budget, but it is always preferable to choose a second-hand tent, as it will contribute to preserve the environment.So how to choose the ideal tent.The first criterion for choosing your tent is its weight. The question you may ask yourself is: are you planning to carry your tent in your backpack for trekking?If you plan to go trekking over several days and to carry your tent in your backpack to change bivouac location every night, think about the weight of the tent. Trek tents are light and compact. You can easily slide them into your bag or hang them on the straps. Opt for a Forclaz trek tent, they are ideal if you are going to bivouac for several days. Practical to set up and take down, they generally weigh less than two kilos for a two-person tent. Several models are available: light, ultra-light, to be used in hot or temperate weather… Depending on the number of trekkers, you can find models from one to four people. These tents usually offer only a sleeping area and a small space to store your belongings.Conversely, if you don’t need to carry your tent on your back and you set up a “static” camp, the best choice will be a camping tent. Camping tents offer more space and comfort. They usually have a living or sleeping area. This means that you can cook, eat or shelter in case of rain. This is the best choice if you stay in one place for several days. Different models are available: your choice will depend on the number of beds you are looking for and the type of installation.The second criterion to help you choose your tent is the number of people. From 2 to 10 people, all choices are possible! This criterion is important because it allows you to choose your room according to the number of rooms available in the tent. Two to three person tents have only one room, without a living room or common area. They are practical tents to create a small base camp that you can set up and uninstall easily. If you plan to go on a camping trip and regularly change locations without carrying your tent in your backpack, this is an optimal solution. You don’t need to limit the number of people: your base camp can accommodate three small tents if you want to go on a trip with five friends, for example! Tents for two to three people usually have a small separate space, called an apse, where you can store your things and shelter them in case of rain.  Tents for four to eight people, on the other hand, have a living room and one or more separate bedrooms. These tents allow you to create several living spaces. They offer more space and usually allow you to stand upright. If you want the same comfort as at home, this is the ideal choice. It is up to you to use them as you wish. For example, you can choose a tent for 4 people as a couple if you want to make the most of the space in the room. Another criterion to take into account on the subject of bedrooms is their size: it is important to evaluate the width available in the sleeping spaces in relation to the mattresses you have. This is important because if you touch the walls of the tent when you sleep and they touch the flysheet… this will generate moisture inside your tent.There are three types of erection technologies: 2 Seconds tents, hooped erection and inflatable erection.The 2 Seconds tent presentation is no longer necessary, you know it well! Simply throw it up in the air and it will be deployed in just a few moments. Since its creation, its folding has been greatly improved and made easier thanks to a strap system. Its self-deploying structure can avoid a few battles with the hoops, it has nevertheless a drawback: its lack of compactness due to its round format. For camping enthusiasts, the hoop assembly is really part of the imagination for outings in the wilderness! The tent is erected by inserting hoops in the flysheet. Colour coding now makes it easier and it is no longer possible to make mistakes. This solution takes a little more time than an inflatable tent, but the assembly of the poles can be the occasion to share a first friendly moment at the campsite. When setting up a large hooped tent, it is preferable to have more than one person. Finally, it is possible to choose an inflatable tent with inflatable tubes instead of hoops. A few pumps and it’s done! Inflating and deflating these tents is extremely fast and can almost be done on its own, even on a tent for more than 4 people. Only a double-action hand pump is used to inflate these tents because it offers enough power to blow air at the right pressure.

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